Rain makes for cozy knitting!

It is cold in Medford today! It’s a bit drizzly too. This is the weather I love. It makes me want to knit all the things and just be cozy.

Downside to this weather/season, I have a sick little one at home. It’s hard to be a mama and work at the same time. I wish I could clone myself and be all the places at once.

Shop updates:

  • The new hours have been a welcome change for my family and it seems like everyone else is adjusting too.

  • We have six new little shop fuzzies greeting people and melting hearts. Our shop pup Persie had a litter exactly one month ago! They are super cute and four of them are still available for sale! :)

  • My super secret shawl project is no longer a secret! I finished the shawl right at the end of August and it is now proudly on display. It’s the Arcade shawl and I am doing pre orders for the kits. The kits include three skeins of yarn from Greenwood Fiberworks and a nice hardcopy of the pattern. You can also sign up for the class that I am holding next month for a discounted rate of $25 if you sign up when you pre order the kit! Such a deal!

Thank you all for reading. Leave a comment if you’d like!

Never Not Knitting...Does That Make Me Weird?

Last weekend my mom turned 60! I was blessed to go visit her for the weekend completely kid free! This meant I could knit (almost) as much as I wanted uninterrupted by toddlers. (Ironically, as I type this the toddlers have invaded the shop and I have been interrupted more than 10 times.)

After losing her house in the Camp Fire last year, my mom has been in the process of sorting things out and making decisions about her future. At the end of spring she decided to relocate to Idaho. I was of course disappointed that she did not choose southern Oregon. Alas, she is forging her own path. This is not how or where she expected to celebrate her 60th, but it was nice to see her excited about where she is and what she’s doing.

I took exactly two knitting projects with me for the weekend. One super easy stockinette project I could knit without looking at—perfect for knitting in a car and being able to look around to take in new surroundings. The other was my super secret colorwork shawl. I got so much done on it this weekend. I can’t wait to reveal it. Hoping it’s done by the beginning of September.

Do you ever take a break from your complicated knitting by switching to a simple knit? It’s so relaxing. The life of a Fiber Artist means you rarely have less than a few WIPs going at any given time. I have discovered over the past year that combined with also being a yarn shop owner this means your WIPs are more numerous than you care to discuss (even with yourself. LOL). I often have to make a list of projects at the beginning of the day. Then I cycle through each a 1/2 hour at a time. In between projects I get up and walk around. I sweep or get a drink or use the bathroom. Generally, I give myself a break every 30-45 minutes. That way my body doesn’t feel the lasting effect of this sedentary activity.

Don’t forget to sign up for September classes! I am so excited about everything that’s being offered. Next Wednesday, August 28th, get 5% off on your purchases in celebration of Min’s 5th bday!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I will write again soon.

One year later...I have to get better about blog posts!

Well I haven’t been all that great on keeping up with blogging. It has been nearly a year since my last blog. So much has happened in a year. The shop is doing well. I am always knitting up a storm. Great friendships have started and I am excited about the wonderful community I have here in the knitting world of southern Oregon. I am excited for cooler weather. We have had a relatively mild summer. There has been significantly less smoke this year but I feel a collective inhale as us locals hold our breath. We are not out of the woods yet as far as fire season goes. Even as I type this I struggle to hold back the PTSD that grips me when I think about November 8th—the day that I lost my childhood home and town. Yes, so much has changed this year.

Things that remain unchanged: my love for this little yarn shop, my love and passion for the fiber arts, that I am truly never not knitting (or crocheting or add spinning to that list too!).

Today on (some) of my needles I have: a Christmas Stocking, a commissioned sweater, a cabled hat, and surprise shawl! That last one will be revealed the beginning of September and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Coming up this month: Min will be 5! He is my oldest son and third out of four kids. His Bday is Wednesday August 28th, 2019 so stop in the store for 5% off your purchase (excluding consignment and sales and cannot be used with a full punch card).

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to make this a weekly post.

Kid free and last days of summer!

Many of you know that I am a mom of four...yes I am that crazy, but I love my bunch! My girls are going in to 5th and 6th grade this year and you will see more of them at the shop because I homeschool them through Logos Charter School. My toddlers are 4 and 2...well the threenager is almost 4. His bday is next week and he is thrilled! He wants a dinosaur cake because EVERYTHING is dinosaurs right now. Both boys are starting preschool at Lil Rascals located in my business park! Very convenient for me. 

Well, I am soaking up some much needed kid free time this week before school is upon us! My wonderful mama has all four at her house until Saturday. So far I've had two blissful mornings without being jumped on my toddlers to wake me up. 

I'm finding time to make progress on my projects. Things are picking up at the shop and with the anticipation of cooler fall weather, I am eager for September then October to come all wrapped up in pumpkin spice goodness. 

What are your end of summer plans? Do you have fall knitting or crocheting ideas floating in your head? Are you already thinking of the Holidays and gift projects? 

Road trips and squishy yarn

For the past week I have been traveling up and down the Pacific Northwest! With my husband and toddlers in toe. The girls tagged along as far as my in-laws house and they are doing their own fun thing next week. 

Other than seeing family and friends along the way our path has been paved with yarn shops. I made it a goal to see as many Slow Yarn Crawl shops as I could and not spend $40 in each shop...well it seems that one of those was a more realistic goal than the other...LOL.

The trip has been a success. I have met wonderful shop owners and yarn enthusiasts. There are so many ideas spiraling around in my head for things to do, lines to bring in, and all the day dreaming I could possible do with SethanyKnits! 

I have missed seeing my wonderful friends back home. I will be back on Monday!